I build

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In this universe

Trial and error, testing actions and reactions… such are the challenges to face. There you can become a builder, discover the processes of conception and fabrication, and experiment with various techniques.

Manufacturing: from the idea to the object/ battery box

What is the best way to build your box?

Create a cardboard box to store used batteries. You can choose the size, the shape, and the type of batteries it can contain. After building it, go to the « Sale » station to market your product.

The building site

How do workers work on construction sites to build houses? Is working in team that easy?

Wearing a safety vest and a hard hat, children handle cranes and build houses, like on an actual building site. Made only for children under 6, it is ideal to learn cooperation and team spirit.

Moving parts

Why and how can we transform and transmit a movement?

Explore the various ways to transmit a movement: gears, belts, connecting rods, crank handles… There are many techniques to discover.

And also…

Plastic bottles are worth recycling, ingenious bridges and much more.