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In this universe

Experimenting, taking time to think and assimilate mathematical concepts, all while having fun…it’s happening at the Vaisseau! Logical, isn’t it?

For children age 7 and older

And now, they can reason, experiment, question themselves and exchange. 20 interactive elements to have a good time!

Brain-teasers table

Putting together pieces to build a cube, redoing a puzzle, shapes to stir your brain…10 activities to ponder and find the most appropriate method.


Solids to build

Follow the models or let your imagination run wild to build colorful geometrical shapes with complicated names.

For children age 3 to 6

In a space with 12 activities, alone or in a group, they can build, try, sort, compare, count and have fun!

Building a city

Using the shadow of a city, put together pieces to recreate it. Going from 2D to 3D? That’s child’s play!


Mirror prism

Step into a mirror prism to become aware of notions of symmetry and infinity. A simple experiment, yet so fun!