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The animals

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In this universe

What an ant’s life like? Where do animals hide in the cities? Turn into genuine naturalists to observe, describe and understand the mysterious world of animals.

My bedroom is a zoo

Who are the secret inhabitants of the bedroom? Where are they hiding?

Go on a search for the little critters that inhabit your bedroom, following their tracks using special lamps. Then you can learn more about them using a screen.


What do ants do? Can you spot the queen? And the worker?

Watch an ant’s life on and under the ground, their social organization and the way they share their work. Learn even more thanks to a model and a multimedia support.

Being another animal

Which animal will you pick?

The child chooses an animal, and puts on the corresponding costume. He will discover how the animal moves, what it eats, recognize its skin, feel its speed and imitates its call.

And also…

Small animals, prey and predators, the collection drawers…