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The Cave

The cave


This new exhibition suitable for ages 7+ explores the colours of light to understand its composition.

Children play with light to try out colour mixing and do incredible experiments ! They learn about colour illusions and how we perceive colours. If they listen carefully to the Shaman, the colourful character who lives in The Cave, she will tell them her story.
Children will also discover the surprises that the Vaisseau’s science communicators have in store “around the fire”.
Their visit to the Vaisseau will be a magical, poetic, colourful and fully immersive experience !

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Some of The Cave’s installations

Coloured shadows

When you enter The Cave, you go through a circle of white light.
Inside the circle, your shadow splits and depending on your posture, you see different coloured shadows : red, green, blue, cyan, magenta, yellow and black.
It is a spectacular introduction to colour mixing and the additive mixing used by computer and television screens and projectors.


Around the fire

In this area, visitors come together and share their adventures. You can also take a moment to relax here before continuing to explore the exhibition.
The Vaisseau’s activity leaders can sometimes be found in this area offering fun things to do. The space then transforms into a shadow theatre, where stories come to life.



Using three flexible lights in red, green and blue, you can change the orientation of the beams of light, turn the lights of your choice on and off and change the intensity to experiment first-hand with additive mixing.
By changing the intensity of the red, green and blue lights, you can also create a colour palette, drawing inspiration from the available colour chart.


Mix & match

Solo or in a head-to-head challenge, you have to create the colour shown as quickly as possible. Using RGB or CMY cursor buttons, you mix and adjust the amount of each primary colour to approximate the given colour.


The Stroop effect

Two eyeholes invite you to look through one of The Cave walls. You are then faced with a simple exercise (or so it seems), where you have to name the colour the word is printed in, rather than what it says.


The Shaman

Using crystals, you can control and change the colour of the ambient light around the Shaman so you can see her under different colours. You can also listen to her tell her story via an audio terminal based on the principle of bone conduction. A sound and touch device invites you to discover a new way of perceiving and hearing the exhibition using your body.


The island of light

Rays of white or coloured light (RGB or CMY) are emitted by a light source in the centre of the display. Using prisms, lenses, mirrors and different coloured filters, you can alter the trajectory and nature of the rays of light to complete various challenges.



By inserting translucid coloured cylinders into a back-lit black perforated panel, you can give free rein to your imagination using pixel art to create a modern cave painting.