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The garden

In this universe

This universe is home to a living environment: pastures, weeds, «made in the Vaisseau» compost, vegetable patches…And all of this pesticide-free! Don’t miss the observation beehive or the new bees’ house.

The garden is open to the public provided good weather conditions.

The pond

What’s the point of a pond?

Discover the biological activity around the pond located below the terrace and identify certain species using pictures.

The glass beehive

What’s going on in the beehive and around? Who lives there?

Observe the bees’ activity around the flight board, inside the hive and try to identify the 3 types of inhabitants using sketches.

The bee house

What are the main anatomical characteristics of the bee? Who lives in the hive? What are the products of the hive and what are they used for?

Thanks to a magnifying glass, discover the details of the bee’s body and compare it to other insects. Get to know the inhabitants of the hive: the worker bee, the queen and the drone and associate a product of the hive, its origin and its use in commerce.