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The Oasis

In this universe

Explore The Oasis and understand water and all its properties!

Here, children fill, empty, pump, siphon and experiment with the many possibilities offered by water in different scenarios through play. They watch water flow, move little boats, connect pipes, and so much more!

Buoyancy ball

What is the effect of water on the perceived weight of an object?

By exercising traction on a rope connected to several pulleys, the child pulls a bowling ball immersed in water and feels the weight difference.

Balls on fountains

How can you make a ball stay on a water jet?

Succeed in balancing balls on water jets…if you can find the balance point.

The dam

For or against building a dam? What would be the consequences of such an installation?

By installing and/or removing the dam on a model, question yourself and observe the logic behind the implementation of new equipment. Thanks to a touch screen, you can also ask for various characters’ opinion before voting, and compare your choice to that of other visitors.


How can a boat go from one basin to the next?

In a two-level basin, make a boat sail from upstream to downstream and back, using the locks and floodgates system wisely.

Archimedes’ screw

How can we transport water to raised tank without using a pump? 

Activate Archimedes’ screw to bring the water up from the basin and fill the raised water tank.

Wave power

Can waves produce electrical power?

Activate a piston connected to a float to create waves on the surface of water contained in a tank. The waves created start to move a second float connected to a coil which produces the electricity necessary to light up a LED.

Propelled by water

How can water move a boat?

With water contain in a cistern, fill the tapped tank of boat propelled by the water jet created.

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