Let's get involved for various social and environmental causes!

Let's take action at our own scale, and let's each one of us do our part for the planet!

From December 17, 2022 to January 7, 2024

Concepts covered

  • Involvement
  • Civic rights
  • Environment
  • Inequality
  • Critical ability

Enter the school playground of tomorrow and walk the path to involvment!

But why do we need to get involved? How is our planet doing? How can I do my part? Let’s explore each of the spaces together to understand the issues and identify the struggles of today and tomorrow. Changing roles from observers to participants, let's get involved in struggles important to us. What if, together, we could make a difference? So what are we waiting for?

An exhibition recommended from 7 years old.​

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Did you know?

The school playground environment used in the Colibri exhibition is based on the "Oasis" playgrounds in some French schools. These playgrounds are designed to be pleasant, refreshed spaces enjoyed and shared by all. With more vegetation, water fountains, child-friendly facilities, quiet corners, and a better distribution of space, they contribute to children's well-being at school.

Some experiments

The other side of everyday life

Discover the causes and effects of our everyday objects. By analysing the life of a T-shirt and a smartphone, we can discover their impact on the environment.
Our actions, even the most insignificant ones, can have unexpected consequences.

The battle against waste

Take part in a group challenge and try to reduce the energy expenditures in a school! It's time for school's break, but the main building, even without its students, still uses lots of energy. Team up with other visitors and within a limited time, it's up to you! Take up the challenge with your teammates to reduce the school's energy consumption.

Voting day

Use your vote and elect the future representative in your class! Before making your choice, discover and analyse the candidates' programs, with each their benefits and inconveniences in your school life.

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