Mission Gaïa

Try to save the planet with Mission Gaïa!

Join the V.S.O. agency and try to solve the riddles to save Earth!

From February 5 to September 4

Concepts covered

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Observation
  • Logic
  • Biodiversity
  • Climate

The heroes and heroines in this immersive adventure are you!

Your mission, should you accept it: prevent an artificial intelligence from eliminating the human race, identified as the cause behind climate change. It is up to you to prove that we are still capable of saving the planet! Join the V.S.O agency with your team of 3 to 6 players and, in one hour, try to the solve the riddles set. Use your sense of observation, logic and reflexes to help safeguard biodiversity and successfully accomplish your mission! The human race is counting on you!

From €51 per session for 3 people​

Did you know?

In many works of fiction, artificial intelligence is portrayed as evil, cold and brutal. In reality, A.I. is neither good nor bad in itself, it is simply a tool.

Some experiments

The Sahara desert, the Amazonian forest, the River Rhine

Immerse yourselves in different ecosystems and identify the threats weighing on them. Listen to what you can hear around you, get your bearings and physically interact, together you need to decipher the codes and solve the riddles to successfully accomplish your mission!

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