The Tree Nursery

Watch your ideas grow in the Tree Nursery!

Sow your seeds of creativity and swap ideas with the other budding gardeners!

Concepts covered

  • Technical creativity
  • Collaboration
  • Imagination
  • DIY
  • Adaptation

Your ideas flourish and spread!

Here you can have a go, fail the first time, try again, do better and come up with solutions you wouldn't otherwise have thought of! Sitting on the ground, kneeling, on tiptoe or lazing in a garden chair, cultivate, plant and harvest your ideas. Develop your ingenuity. On your own or with others, try and find creative solutions to the challenges set. Maybe you won't learn to be green-fingered just yet, but you'll develop your "maker" mindset that's for sure!

Did you know?

DIY (do it yourself) means feeling capable of doing something on your own, enjoying it and sharing it!

Some experiments

The Shed

Will you be able to take up the challenge set? Design a system and build a circuit together for bringing a ball from point A to point B. Try to overcome the hurdles and obstacles blocking your path. On your own or with others, tackle the challenges one after another and exercise your creative mindset.

The vegetable plots

Here, set off a chain reaction so that Cro’onde the ant can find her friend Dable, at the other end of the vegetable patch. Follow the instructions displayed on the vegetable plots to connect the pheromones left by the ants. They will criss-cross their way between the vegetables and flowers in the patch to find each other. What an adventure awaits!

Marble runs

Use the plastic hoses and build a circuit to help the lost ducklings find their parents.

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