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Where can I find a plan ? At what time are the guided tours ?

The Vaisseau is an interactive center, not a museum. There are no guided tours or definite way to visit, trust your children who will spontaneously go towards elements that are right for them.

Are there lockers ?

Lockers are available for individual visitors around the exhibitions. They work with a 1€ deposit, or a token.
For groups who made reservations in advance, a cart is provided.

How do I get to the Vaisseau ?

You will find all the indications to get to the Vaisseau here.

How can I book a space in the cafeteria ?

It is not possible to book a space in the cafeteria.

Is it possible to bring my own picnic, and eat inside the Vaisseau ?

No, at the moment it is not possible to bring your own food because of governement guidelines. 

Is it possible to smoke in the Vaisseau ?

The Vaisseau is an establishment open to the public and it is forbidden to smoke within its premises. If you wish to smoke you need to exit the structure. Your ticket allows you to exit and re-enter the Vaisseau once in the day.

Are dogs allowed into the Vaisseau ?

​No. Dogs (or any other animals) are not allowed inside the the Vaisseau (even if carried inside a bag) and they may not be left unattended outside the Vaisseau.

The one exception to this rule is guide dogs/assistance dogs.

Is it possible to come back on the same day with my tickets (after a child’s nap for example) ?

Currently only two visit slots are offered :
9:30 am - 12:30 pm
2 p.m. - 5 p.m.
Your tickets allow you access to one of these slots only, and do not allow you to return later in the day.