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Legal Information


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Editorial director  : Sabine ISCHIA, Director
Webmaster : Olivier Gathy, communications officer


Under article 34 of Computing and Data Protection Act (French Law) January 6th 1978 you have the right to access, modify, rectify or cancel any or all information pertaining to your registration with Le Vaisseau.To exercise this right, please write to :

Le Vaisseau
1 bis rue Philippe Dollinger


or by e-mail at


Personal or corporate data will not be collected or stored without your expressed permission and knowledge.
Personal or corporate data will not be sold or passed to any third party without your written permission.


Le Vaisseau website is registered with CNIL (French Committee of Computing and Data Protection).


In the interests of maximum security all sensitive information and/or personal details should be forwarded by "Registered" mail, direct to Le Vaisseau. The security of information transmitted via the worldwide web to the Vaisseau site is the responsibility of the sender.


The entire Vaisseau website is governed by French and International legislation governing royalties and design rights.
All rights reserved including documents, drawings, photographs and technical specifications pertaining to Le Vaisseau. Downloading is restricted to those persons/companies pre-registered and in possession of an access code.
No part of the Vaisseau site may be reproduced in any form or by any means whatsoever without written permission of the publisher and copyright holder.
All brands referred to in the Vaisseau site are registered Trademarks.
Certain pictures contained within the site are of common source and do not infringe copyright.

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