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What’s a "Vaisseau" ?

The name "le Vaisseau" was chosen by French children – it has indeed several meanings ! It talks about adventure, exploration, science... all sorts of things you are likely to experience if you come visit us !



Vaisseau = ship, vessel
 >> travel, discoveries


Vaisseau pirate = pirate ship
>> adventure


Vaisseau spatial = spaceship
>> exploring the unknown, the universe


Vaisseau sanguin = blood vessel
>> research, science, life

The Vaisseau in brief

The Vaisseau is a pedagogical facility conceived by the Collectivité européenne Alsace which opened its doors on 22nd February 2005. Specially designed for children aged between 3 and 15, the Vaisseau is an educational and recreational place where children are welcome to play, discover and study according to their own specific pace and field of interest.

Accessible to everyone, meaning children, teenagers, pupils, all sorts of groups, tourists or companies, the Vaisseau also offers access for people with disabilities. On top of that the entire exhibition is presented in three languages: French, German and English.

Science while having fun

The basic idea underlying the conception of the Vaisseau is that children tend to be more interested by subjects such as science when they are presented in a fun way. This principle is put into practice at the Vaisseau through the different techniques used to introduce scientific themes to children:
  • A team of German and French-speaking activity leaders is ready to answer children’s questions at all times,
  • More than 130 interactive elements are there to allow the visitors to experience the Vaisseau’s second motto: « it’s forbidden not to play»,
  • 3D films: a new 3D film kicks off at the Vaisseau twice a year,
  • Theatre: science does help telling children stories so that the Vaisseau has decided to schedule plays for children during each French holyday period,
  • The list goes on and on, come and discover for yourself!