Dynamic work meetings!

Fancy a change of scene and workspace?

Fancy a change of scene and workspace? Have a look at our meeting rooms for hire!

Discover our meeting rooms!


  • 15-25 people


Package chosen for the event:

  • Audio and visual equipment
  • Catering service

Examples of spaces available for hire:

Salle des souris

This space can be configured in line with your requirements: roundtable discussion, hands-on workshop, conference or team meeting. Benefit from a pleasant setting thanks to the large windows overlooking the Vaisseau's landscaped garden. This is tended to daily without any pesticides and is a member of the Club des Parcs et Jardins de caractère d’Alsace. A light and airy space providing a very stimulating working environment!


  • Cocktail layout style: 50 spaces
  • Surface area: 50 sq.m.
  • Meeting layout style: 20 spaces
  • Conference layout style: 40 spaces

Workshop rooms

The two workshop rooms, located on the edge of the lobby (after the ticket desk) are juxtaposed. A removable partition can be folded back to join the two rooms and create a single space of more than 80 sq.m. Typically used for science communication events, these rooms can be configured in line with your requirements.


  • Meeting layout style: 20 spaces
  • Cocktail layout style: 20 spaces
  • Conference layout style: 30 spaces
  • Surface area: 80 sq.m.

Nature workshop

You'll find this original space in the middle of our Garden. Its raised terrace looks out over our landscaped garden, its hives, the Citadelle Park and Strasbourg marina. Convenient for work sessions or meetings in small groups, it is also an ideal spot for hosting drinks or other refreshments.


  • Meeting layout style: 15 spaces
  • Cocktail layout style: 15 spaces
  • Conference layout style: 20 spaces
  • Surface area: 20 sq.m.


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