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The only thing you need to remember is: DO touch the exhibits and play!

  • Imagination

    The Tree Nursery

    Sow your seeds of creativity and swap ideas with the other budding gardeners!

  • Water

    The Oasis

    Experiment with the wide-ranging possibilities offered up by water, in a simple and fun way.

  • Mathematics

    The Forest

    From puzzles to brain-teasers, develop your logical thinking.

  • Collaboration

    The Building Site

    Stack, balance, transport and use your imagination to build extraordinary houses.

  • Nature

    The Garden

    Set off in discovery of the fauna and flora at the Vaisseau!

  • Light

    The Cave

    Play around with the light, experiment with different colour combinations and learn about optical illusions.

  • And in addition :

    discover our experiences on the human body or animals!

Interactive displays for playing, being amazed and growing together!

Have fun, learn while playing and develop your curiosity for science and technology!

Also happening right now…

Mission Gaïa

Our escape game awaits the whole family for an action-packed adventure!

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New experiences every day

3D films : The Search for Snow

A passion for skiers, dream for children or life-saver for an Alpine village, snow both captivates us… and gets us thinking. It's a glistening white wonder, a promise of irrigation and an eagerly awaited spectacle, but climate change means its future looks uncertain. Between North America and Europe, the muffled hush of falling snowflakes and the thunderous roar of avalanches, a meteorologist looks at the complex processes of snow formation and its crucial impact on wildlife, plants and human activities.

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Open workshop

Round off your visit by taking part in the various activities organised by our team of science communicators at the Vaisseau. Choose when and for how long you'd like to take part for an insight into the season's theme through an array of experiments and interactive activities. Designed for children aged 3 years and over, the Open workshop provides an introduction to scientific notions under the guidance of our science communicators. At the end, you'll be able to take away a hand-crafted item or ideas of experiments to try at home to amaze your own audience!

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