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The only thing you need to remember is: DO touch the exhibits and play!

  • Technology

    The Factory

    Discover the mechanisms of artificial intelligence, interact with machines and develop algorithms!

  • Light

    The Cave

    Play around with the light, experiment with different colour combinations and learn about optical illusions.

  • Motricité

    The Playhouses

    Discover and try out different ways of moving and acting in the Petit Quartier’s houses.

  • Mathematics

    The Forest

    From puzzles to brain-teasers, develop your logical thinking.

  • Water

    The Oasis

    Experiment with the wide-ranging possibilities offered up by water, in a simple and fun way.

  • Collaboration

    The Building Site

    Stack, balance, transport and use your imagination to build extraordinary houses.

  • And in addition:

    discover our experiences on the human body or animals!

Interactive displays for playing, being amazed and growing together!

Have fun, learn while playing and develop your curiosity for science and technology!

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Why do we need to get involved? Understand the issues and identify the struggles of today and tomorrow with our temporary exhibition!

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3D Movie : Redux

Hugo and Maya are 8 years old. They are passionate about science and geology and are secretly manufacturing Redux, a machine capable of flying, rolling, going into water or even shrinking infinitely. During their first flight, Hugo and Maya visit the construction site of a mud house. This adventure leads them into the immense and winding caves of a pile of earth, under a cascade of grains, into the abyss of a wall of damp earth or even into the kingdom of clay. Hugo, Maya and Redux take us into the world of the infinitely small.

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