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Our different rooms each have their own character and function at the Vaisseau, and can cater to different capacities. They are flexible and equipped with the necessary technical facilities for providing comfortable workspaces. Why not come and view them to get a better idea? Fancy a change of scene or a burst of creative energy for your meeting? Check out our meeting rooms.

For your flagship events

Fully equipped spaces to make your events sensational


    The auditorium is the ideal setting for hosting your conferences, shows, seminars or meetings. This amphitheatre is fully equipped with state-of-the-art technical facilities (3D screen, stage, lighting & sound management, multi-channel audio system, video conferences, etc.). It is one of the most striking and comfortable interiors in Strasbourg.

    139 spaces

    130 sq.m.

    4 disabled spaces

    Salle des 1000 miettes

    Our Salle des 1000 miettes room is bathed in light thanks to its window looking out onto our Garden. This is tended to daily without any pesticides and is a member of the Club des Parcs et Jardins de caractère d’Alsace. A green haven guaranteed to delight your guests! Enjoy direct access to the Terrace and create a unique atmosphere by hiring out this space in addition. The Salle des 1000 miettes is perfect for hosting cocktails, banquets and much more besides !

    60 spaces

    150 spaces

    75 spaces

    150 sq.m.

    The Lobby

    Located at the building entrance, the lobby is a spacious reception area leading to the exhibitions and glass dome, auditorium and the alcoves which can be used as a cloakroom. There are two entrances for catering to your preferred configuration. However you imagine this flexible space to be laid out, it can be adjusted to suit your requirements!

    100 spaces

    130 sq.m.

    The Glass Dome

    Turn your event into an unforgettable experience in the Glass Dome. Ideal for your evening events, it is centrally located in the Vaisseau, giving you 360° views of the exhibitions. Daylight fills the space, creating a welcoming, sociable setting for your event. Job dating, prize-giving, corporate evenings… all sorts of layout styles are possible thanks to its wide-ranging flexibility.

    300 spaces

    200 spaces

    250 sq.m.

For your meetings and get-togethers

Flexible spaces that can be adjusted to accommodate your event!

    Salle des souris

    This space can be configured in line with your requirements: roundtable discussion, hands-on workshop, conference or team meeting. Benefit from a pleasant setting thanks to the large windows overlooking the Vaisseau's landscaped garden. This is tended to daily without any pesticides and is a member of the Club des Parcs et Jardins de caractère d’Alsace. A light and airy space providing a very stimulating working environment!

    40 spaces

    50 sq.m.

    25 spaces

    50 spaces

    Workshop rooms

    The two workshop rooms, located on the edge of the lobby (after the ticket desk) are juxtaposed. A removable partition can be folded back to join the two rooms and create a single space of more than 80 sq.m. Typically used for science communication events, these rooms can be configured in line with your requirements.

    20 spaces

    20 spaces

    30 spaces

    80 sq.m.

    Nature workshop

    You'll find this original space in the middle of our Garden. Its raised terrace looks out over our landscaped garden, its hives, the Citadelle Park and Strasbourg marina. Convenient for work sessions or meetings in small groups, it is also an ideal spot for hosting drinks or other refreshments.

    15 spaces

    15 spaces

    20 spaces

    20 sq.m.

    The Alcoves

    Located in the Lobby area, near the Auditorium, these 3 spaces cater perfectly to workshops in small groups. Light and airy, they can be configured or equipped in line with your requirements.

    30 spaces

    20 spaces

    25 sq.m.

    25 spaces

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