The Building Site

This is the place to be for working and building together!

Stack, balance, transport and use your imagination to build extraordinary houses.

Concepts covered

  • Collaboration
  • Imagination
  • Hands-on interaction
  • Construction
  • Sharing

Slip on a hi-vis vest and hard hat to enter the Building Site!

Operate a crane, carry bricks or build a house together: this is your mission on entering the Building Site. Work as a team and collaborate with each other to build and dismantle. Become a works supervisor, builder or operator - everyone has a role to play in building your construction together. Find strategies, test out different construction methods or dream up your own structure: anything's possible at the Building Site! Learn to do things together, gain confidence but above all have fun as you play!

This space is intended exclusively for 3 to 6 year-olds.

Did you know?

At the Building Site, children can build confidence in themselves as well as a house, by learning to work with others.

Some experiments

The unfinished house

In the middle of the Building Site you'll find an unfinished house: its framework has been put up, but the walls are missing. This is where you come in: use the bricks provided to rebuild them!

The crane

The crane is a spectacular machine. To transport bricks to the first storey of the house, you have to fill the bucket then move it. Use the two controls to lift the bucket then move the arrow left or right. This requires good coordination!

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