The Oasis

Make a splash immersing yourself in the Oasis!

Experiment with the wide-ranging possibilities offered up by water, in a simple and fun way.

Concepts covered

  • Physics
  • Water
  • Enjoyment
  • Cooperation

Learn more about water and its properties while having fun!

Here, you can fill, empty, pump, siphon and experiment with the wide-ranging possibilities offered up by water. Watch the water flow out, propel little boats or connect pipes - a sensory and aquatic experience guaranteed! Through fifteen or so hands-on activities, grasp and try out notions in connection with water physics.

Playing with water can be a rather wet affair! So that's why ponchos are provided in the exhibition area. But we would recommend bringing a change of clothes along on your visit if possible too.

Did you know?

There's a reason the Earth is known as the Blue Planet: around 70% of its surface area is covered in water: oceans, seas, lakes, etc.

Some experiments

The plumber's fountain

Using pipes and connecting parts, design a water circuit! Devise and build all sorts of assemblies to meet challenges that you can set yourself alone or against others (turn a water wheel, transport water as high or as far as possible). In this way, learn how to explore and experiment freely to solve problems. Over to you now!


Design an obstacle course and follow the route taken by one or more balls along a water track. Steer or change the water flow or speed by adding moving parts to form obstacles and dams. Why not challenge other visitors to a race: whose ball will get to the end of the course first?

The vortex

Turn the handle and create a whirlpool movement in the water column. You've created a full-on vortex, well done! Look at the size and shape of it, as well as the position of the ball floating inside it: these vary depending on how fast you turn the handle. Fascinating, don't you think?

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