The Garden

Head out to explore the nooks and crannies of the garden!

Set off in discovery of the fauna and flora at the Vaisseau!

Reopening on May, 14th

Concepts covered

  • Nature
  • Biodiversity
  • Senses
  • Observation
  • Ecology

A nature observation and activity space!

Venture into a living environment where plants of all kinds grow alongside creepy crawlies and open-air actvities. Set off to find hedgehogs, explore the observational hive or the bee house to learn about the role they play in nature. Make the most of our play areas open to all to have fun digging, climbing or scampering about! The Garden is the ideal place for unwinding, recharging your batteries and learning while you explore.

Please note that the Garden may have to close to the public in bad weather: no getting blown away in galeforce winds please!

Did you know?

In Austria, there is an orchestra where the musical instruments are made exclusively out of … vegetables!

Some experiments

The Bee House

Uncover the secrets of these fascinating insects. Find out about life in a hive, how bees behave and our relationship, as humans, with them. As you leave, don't forget to have a look at our hives on the terrace!

The vegetable patch and the plants

All sorts of plants grow in the Garden: trees, vegetables, herbs, etc. Over the seasons, watch the plants grow and develop, smell the different culinary herbs and check out our green paths.

The Sound Park

The Garden calls on all of our senses! Have fun creating different sounds using the unusual instruments: the arbrasson (sound sculpture), singing stone or the whistling cushions, etc.

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