The Factory

In the Factory, humans come face-to-face with machines!

Discover the mechanisms of artificial intelligence, interact with machines and develop algorithms!

Concepts covered

  • Intelligence
  • Technology
  • Robotics

A very smart and surprising factory!

What is artificial intelligence (AI)? And while we're at it … what does it mean “to be intelligent”? Enter a sensory, open and intriguing factory where humans constantly interact with machines. Put your thinking caps on, experiment and spot the artificial intelligence that is hiding around you. As you do the experiments, progress through the factory and develop your critical and logical thinking. Interact with machines and discover the extent of their capabilities. Head behind the scenes of artificial intelligence!


An exhibition produced with the kind support of KUKA and Solu-Tech.

Did you know?

Alan Turing (1912-1954) is the founder of computer science. Without him, you perhaps would not have been able to read this text!

Some experiments


There is no formal and scientifically-proven definition of intelligence... Everyone, especially children, has their own meaning of the matter! It's up to you to propose your definition and see if it is shared by other visitors.


Photos, videos, texts: we send vast amounts of data online, without knowing quite where it goes or which route it takes. Send information through the network and see how the A.I. retrieves, uses and analyses it.


Have a go at developing and running a computer program so that you can take up the challenges set in this game. Then, watch a real robotic arm move small objects around.


Can artificial intelligence be sentient?

Establish non-verbal communication with a real robot. With its own temper, sometimes jester, sometimes sulky or curious, it interacts with you via a touch screen on which games and activities are displayed: tick-tack-toe, drawings, portraits, etc.

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