The Forest

Explore a mathematical world in the Forest!

From puzzles to brain-teasers, develop your logical thinking.

Concepts covered

  • Logic
  • Mathematics
  • Geometry
  • Creativity
  • Critical thinking

Progress by trial and error and start over and over again!

Have a think, come up with ideas and work it out! Give it a try, get it wrong and learn by doing... It doesn't matter if you have to start over! Look carefully and use your reasoning abilities and sense of deduction. Be creative, try again and persevere to progress slowly but surely along the paths of logic. Thanks to brain-teasers, you'll develop strategic thinking, conscientiousness, concentration, memory, collaboration and communication. Soon, you'll be a maths whizz for sure!

Did you know?

We refer to mathematics in the plural because the Greek mathematicians grouped together in a single subject the 4 "mathematical" arts: arithmetics, geometry … astronomy and music.

Some experiments

Let's build a forest

See if you can rebuild the Forest using the wooden game pieces and model shown. In this game, you'll learn to recognise common solids and locate objects in relation with each other, discover shadows and alternate between 2D and 3D vision. How are you going to arrange the pieces?

The puzzling pyramid

Using the 4 game pieces, rebuild a pyramid and learn how to arrange objects into a three-dimensional space by recreating a given shape.

The Tower of Hanoi

In this problem-solving game, the aim is to move disks of different diameters from the first post to the last post in as few moves as possible. Try to solve it by developing a strategy or looking for solutions in a repetitive manner.

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