The Playhouses

Get moving!

Discover and try out different ways of moving and acting in the Petit Quartier’s houses.

Concepts covered

  • Motricity
  • Sensation
  • Experiment
  • Manipulation
  • Free Play

Moving in order to develop and understand the world

Jump, crawl, change pace, keep your balance, turn handles, throw balls, catch scarves... Give free rein to your movements in this exhibition where free play is the order of the day. Develop all aspects of your motricity, explore new sensations as you go from house to house and dare to take risks so as to gain confidence. Here, you learn to move by yourself, encouraged on your way by the adults accompanying you.


An area exclusively dedicated to children between 3 and 6 years old and accompanying adults.

Did you know?

According to Pikler pedagogy, a young child who evolves freely can explore, experiment, learn and develop perfectly well without any direct or systematic intervention by their parents.

A few experiences:

The sound steps – yellow house

Jump from step to step on the yellow house’s terrace in order to trigger different sounds. Use your sense of balance as you move from one coloured shape to another, and combine your movements – by yourself or with others – to create little musical choreographies.

The cogs –blue house

Arrange the cogs on the blue house’s wall in order to create simple or more complicated circuits. Turn the handle to test the transition of movement from one cog to the next. A problem in the mechanism? Deconstruct, reconstruct and try again!

A wall to decorate – pink house

Thread the cords through the perforated partitions and weave the little strips of fabric between the taut straps. Mix colours and demonstrate dexterity and a little patience as you decorate one of the pink house’s façades to your liking.

The letterboxes

Complementary educational resources are available in the Petit Quartier houses’ letterboxes. They contain self-service activity kits designed to foster interactions and play experiences shared with the child you’re accompanying.

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