Discover a different side to sport with Offside!

Practice unusual sports, challenge your performance and put athletes’ bodies to the test!

Opens on 24 February 2024

Concepts covered

  • Sport
  • Cooperation
  • E-Sport
  • Body
  • Inclusion

Change your perspective and discover the joys of sport!

What if sport wasn’t just about winning or losing? How vital is a champion’s body when practicing a sport? Are video games and Quidditch really sports?

Visit this child-sized immersive and subversive exhibition. Look at sport through fresh eyes with various experiments. What if there were other ways of experiencing and approaching sports?


An area recommended for children over 7 years old.
An exhibition having received the "Terre de Jeux 2024" label and part of the Cultural Olympiad programme.
An exhibition made possible with the kind support of Optic 2000.

The Offsite! exhibition is included in the Vaisseau admission ticket.

Did you know?

Chess-boxing is a peculiar sport that combines English boxing and chess. The game is comprised of eleven rounds played out alternatively in the ring and on the board.

Some experiments

A ticket to the top

Discover 3 different sports circuits and try to take each of these youths to the top!

Go up against various situations and try to make the best choices. You’ll discover that the road to becoming a champion is often fraught with pitfalls.

The imagination station

Today, our favourite fictions bring new sports to life. Quidditch is a perfect example of this. So, are you ready to face the Vifs d’Alsace or Q.C. Lorrain?

Go head to head and try to score as many points by clicking on the playing field buttons as fast as possible.

Boost your score by catching the golden snitch or throw off your opponent by using the bludger. Who will win the game?

The cyber café

Are video games a sport? All the ingredients of a sport are there, and yet, e-sports are still subject to debate!

Try to answer this question while diving into the pro gaming universe. Complete as many correct actions in one minute: press a button, then another, move the mouse, click...

On average, a pro gamer makes between 180 and 280 actions per minute. Can you do better?

Inclusive pétanque

Are there any sports that bring together both able-bodied and disabled individuals?

There are! Boccia is a sport similar to pétanque in which able-bodied individuals and individuals with all types of disability work together to win.

Try it out by playing on a reduced-size playing field.

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