What about
our youngest visitors?

Designed for 3-12 year-olds, our exhibitions also have a few surprises in store for younger visitors!

The Oasis

Make a splash immersing yourself in the Oasis!

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The Garden

Head out to explore the nooks and crannies of the garden!

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Some experiments

The Forest huts

Deep in the forest, three huts form a settlement. Play with the game pieces in different shapes and sizes, recognise quantities, solve simple problems, develop your relationship with the space around you: the experiments available in the huts are an opportunity for younger visitors to become more familiar with maths and logical patterns

Dot-to-dot in the Cave

With this fun and creative experience, children design a visual work using light. Resembling a pixel art-style wall fresco, this activity gets younger visitors exploring different senses and developing their fine motor skills in contact with light and coloured matter.

The tip tank in the Oasis

On their own or with others, children use a ladle to fill a tip tank. When it is full enough, it tips over and pours out the water it contains. This activity encourages children to exercise their fine motor skills directly with the matter and teaches them that, by working together, they can go faster!

The marble runs in the Tree Nursery

By using the plastic hoses, children build a circuit to help the lost ducklings to find their parents. A wheelbarrow is available to store the equipment or wander through the site.

The Bivouac

The Bivouac is a space dedicated to relaxation. In a cosy, comfortable atmosphere, children can enjoy some quiet time before heading back out for new adventures.

Facilities for families

  • All of our toilet areas are equipped with baby-changing facilities away from the noise of the activity areas
  • Child-friendly toilets are accessible near the Glass Dome
  • There are four high chairs in the Cafeteria for use by our youngest visitors
  • There is also a microwave available in the Cafeteria (please enquire there)
  • For breastfeeding mothers, there is a quiet area you can use in the infirmary

Explore our exhibitions

  • Technology

    The Factory

    Discover the mechanisms of artificial intelligence, interact with machines and develop algorithms!

  • Mathematics

    The Forest

    From puzzles to brain-teasers, develop your logical thinking.

  • Collaboration

    The Building Site

    Stack, balance, transport and use your imagination to build extraordinary houses.

  • Water

    The Oasis

    Experiment with the wide-ranging possibilities offered up by water, in a simple and fun way.

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